Communication to Members and Users no. 34 - Update on Port Activities
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Dear Members and Users of the Cala de’ Medici Marina,

We would like to inform your that, following the latest DPCM dated 10 April 2020, the Company arranged for the Administrative Office, Communication Office and Reception staff - who has been smart-working since 23 March 2020 - to return to the Cala de’ Medici facilities. Indeed, the aforementioned staff resumed their regular activities on 16 April, whilst complying with all health protection and distancing regulations adopted by the Company. Specifically, only two people at the time are working at the Administration Office, on alternate days, from Monday to Friday, whilst partially continuing also to smart-work; only one person at a time is working at the Reception, covering the shifts from Monday to Sunday, whilst also partially continuing to smart-work; and lastly, since the Communication Office only employs one person in a separate office, this person will work from Monday to Friday for the entire office hours from the Cala de’ Medici headquarters. THE OFFICE BLOCK - where the offices are located - IS STILL CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC: all meetings, training, events and any other gathering-involving activity are prohibited. All activities will be carried out in audio/video conference (if possible).

Every indoor workstation has been equipped with hand and surface sanitizer dispensers, and suitable PPE (masks and disposable gloves) have been supplied to all employees, to allow them to work in safety. All gatherings in common areas (coffee room, meeting rooms, etc.) are forbidden, and only one person at a time is allowed inside, for the time strictly necessary. In addition, all employees are subjected to a laser temperature check at the entrance gate.

Dock employees - which had been reduced to two people per shift, according to the provisions of DPCM dated 22 March 2020 - went back to their usual work shifts (from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM), while still working in micro work areas, to comply with any distancing regulations and adopting the required PPE.

All urgent provisions to contain Covid-19 are still in place, pursuant to Art. 1, par. 1, of the DPCM dated 8 March 2020, which provide for the prohibition of movement of natural persons within the entire national territory, except for proven work requirements, emergency situations (within the same municipality) and health reasons.

Therefore, the MARINA IS STILL CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC, both from sea and from land, and all business centre activities (shipyard, shops, cafés, restaurants, etc.) are suspended.

Concerning access from land, ACCESS TO THE BUILDING IS ALLOWED ONLY FROM THE SENTRY (NORTHERN SIDE) AND ONLY IN CASE OF PROVEN NEEDS, by showing the filled out self-certification and a valid ID to the personnel on duty. All badges and Telepass devices have been disabled until further notice.

Bunkering services for institutional and non-institutional recipients requiring them are also guaranteed.

Concerning the ACCESS OF ANY EXTERNAL SUPPLIERS, Cala de’ Medici Marina, pursuant to DPCM dated 22 March 2020, is closed to all external suppliers for any kind of intervention in the business centre or other activities not deemed necessary for the hub safety or maintenance.

Following DPCM dated 10 April 2020, and considering that the same Decree extended the list of ATECO codes authorized to perform their jobs, Cala de’ Medici decided to grant access to external companies, by activating a procedure according to which external companies and suppliers may gain access only after following their assessment by the Prevention and Protection Service:

Chamber of Commerce certificate (for ATECO code assessment);
Specific Shared Protocol for the activities to be carried out at the Marina by the external company or supplier with headquarters at the Cala de’ Medici business centre.

Therefore, access is granted only following a formal request submitted to, document assessment by the Prevention and Protection Service, and subsequent access authorization submitted by the Service to the Port Management and then forwarded to the request sender.

As of today, the only work activities allowed by the Prevention and Protection Service are those listed in Annex 3 of DPCM dated 10 April 2020. Any other ATECO Code not included in the aforementioned Annex, SHALL NOT BE GRANTED ACCESS, and the Marina staff is required to warn the local Carabinieri unit and Health Authority of any breach to our procedure. At the same time, any private person otherwise accessing the premises shall be registered and notified to the Competent Authorities (Carabinieri - Harbour Master’s Office), since access to check their vessel is not deemed a “necessary” activity, nor authorized by any regulation.

The safety of your vessels is still our number one priority. For this reason, our dock staff continues to perform regular checks on docked vessels, according to Port Regulations. It will be our care to contact you immediately in case of situations that require particular attention.

We will keep you updated on any new provisions that, we hope, may loosen a bit the current strict but necessary regulations in force. Marina Cala de’ Medici SpA deems the observance of the aforementioned measures adopted crucial, in order for the situation to drawn to the serene conclusion we are all hoping for. 

Kind Regards

The Marina Management