Communication to Members and Users no. 36 - Update on the Marina Situation following DPCM 26/04/2020

Dear Members and Users of the Cala de’ Medici Marina,

We’d like to inform you that, following the DPCM dated 26 April 2020, nothing changes on port access management for now.

ESSENTIALLY, THE MARINA REMAINS CLOSED, and access is allowed only to perform those activities included in the list of authorized ATECO codes, after formal request to the Marina Management and completion of the internal procedure established by Cala de’ Medici.

In any case, port activities are ensured by our staff, which continues to perform regular checks and office work, according to Port Regulations.

This morning, the Marina Management - along with Confindustria Livorno-Massa Carrara and the Tuscan Consortium of Marinas - has taken steps to ask the Region for clarifications on Ruling no. 37, which allows boat access only to those companies with an authorized activity code (Ateco Code 32.15). Since, as many of you already know, the Lazio, Liguria and Veneto Regions extended this activity also to ship owners - even if on a limited basis - we asked the Region if this provision is applicable also to boat check and control activities performed by ship owners resident in this region.

We will keep you posted on any updates.

Lastly, we would like to inform you that, based on the forecast bad weather conditions, Cala de’ Medici Marina already scheduled additional staff shifts.

Kind Regards

The Marina Management