Communication to Members and Users no. 37 - Information on Navigation Tests at Sea, Boat Transfers and Maintenance Works

Dear Members and Users of the Cala de’ Medici Marina,

We’d like to inform you that all NAVIGATION AND RECREATIONAL-SPORTS ACTIVITIES ARE SUSPENDED, therefore sailing is prohibited. If a ship owner needs to perform any engine tests or boat maintenance works, they can do so through an authorized company. In order to access the Marina, authorized companies must forward a formal request to the Marina Management, and complete the internal safety and anti-COVID-19 procedure established by Cala de’ Medici Marina. Therefore, ship owners can forward their request, by indicating the authorized company that will complete the procedure, and wait to be cleared for access by the Prevention and Protection Service. The authorized company may perform the activities solely at berth (even in case of engine tests).

Navigation (tests at sea) is not allowed, except where specifically authorized by the Prefect: therefore, anyone who needs to perform navigation tests at sea, must forward a specific request to the Prefect and provide suitable evidence of the relevant authorization to the Marina Management. The same goes for shipyard activities; if ship owners need to bring their boat to the shipyard, they must request the relevant authorization to the Prefect. In addition, any member/user wanting to bring their boat to the shipyard, cannot move it themselves; they must ask Cala de’ Medici authorized personnel, after obtaining the relevant authorization from the Prefect and having forwarded it to the Marina Management.


Presently, members/users cannot access the Marina to check on their boat or move it to the shipyard (unless authorized by the Prefect); if they need to perform some maintenance works on the boat, they can activate the relevant procedure, by asking a company with a valid Ateco code to perform the maintenance works on their behalf. Authorized companies must complete any relevant safety procedure and perform any work solely at berth. If the activities entail navigation or transfer to the shipyard, the Prefect’s authorization is required. Request to the Prefect may be forwarded by the ship owner directly, or by the company entrusted with the works.

Kind Regards,

The Marina Management