Member and User Communication No. 38 - Guidelines for Regional Decree no. 50. The port is not open, but shipowners are allowed access to check the state of boats and maintenance

Dear Members and Users of the Cala de' Medici tourist port,

Unfortunately, as you know, national and regional provisions do not currently allow the use of vessels due to the measures introduced for the purpose of limiting SARS-CoV 2 infections. The aim of this letter is to summarise the contents of Decree No. 50 which has been recently issued by the Region of Tuscany:

1. without prejudice to the movements allowed pursuant to art.1(a) of the Prime Ministerial Decree of 26 April 2020, returning to one's registered home address or residence in Tuscany is only allowed for those whose General Practitioner or paediatrician is located in the Region; therefore, travelling to holiday homes in Tuscany is not permitted;

2. going to proprietary second homes, campers or caravans, vessels or other objects in order to carry out maintenance and repair activities required to ensure the safety and preservation of said property is permitted; movements shall be exclusively individual, limited to within the Region itself and returning to one’s usual place of residence by the end of the day is mandatory;


8. the use of vessels for sporting activities and amateur fishing is, for safety reasons, permitted for a maximum of two people and a return to the mooring is mandatory by the end of the day;


14. all activities required to ensure the maintenance and mooring of pleasure craft such as, for example, towing vessels or moving them to the shipyard from their moorings and vice versa are permitted;

In the light of Decree no. 50, currently, a shipowner is permitted to move within the Region, come to the Port, enter, stay on their own vessel and return to their place of residence in the evening (overnight stays on board vessels are currently not permitted).

The following procedure applies inside the port facility in the common interest and, above all, for the protection of employees in order to contain the risk of infection from COVID-19:

1. Those arriving are asked to stop at the bar at the point of entry, identify themselves to the staff on duty at the guardhouse (name, surname and mooring) and specify the reason for accessing the port;

2. Access must be done within the day;

3. You must be in possession of a self-certification document (where required by law), in which you declare that you are not subjected to quarantine measures, that you have not tested positive for COVID-19 and that you are aware of the measures adopted by the Port Management in the fight against the spread of COVID-19 and duly observe them. In any event, the port facility is not responsible for checking that the conditions which allow the movement of natural persons are present. Said checks are entrusted to the law enforcement authorities;

4. Please communicate any special needs (e.g. transponder charging) in advance, so that the staff can prepare that which is required in order to avoid contact between users and workers as far as possible;

5. At the point of entry, shipowners will have their body temperature checked. The temperature must be lower than 37.5° C (99.5° F);

6. Shipowners are asked to wear safety devices (gloves and masks) at all times.

We hereby inform that the owners of a garage are permitted access to the latter according to the procedure described above.

The Port Management is still closed to the public.

With regard to companies, the procedure currently in force continues to apply. Lastly, we would like to inform you that the shops, bars and restaurants in the commercial village remain closed to the public, but perform the home delivery service on request.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and your full cooperation so that this may represent the first step towards being able to use your vessel and navigate freely.


Best regards,

Port Management